Chute Cleaning Services


Maintaining a clean, safe and attractive building is important to all property managers. A commonly overlooked part of property maintenance is trash chute cleaning. A trash chute is something tenants use on a regular basis.  Tenants do not like dirty trash chutes and often drop their trash bags on the floor instead of touching the trash door. No one wants to open the trash door and smell the stench.


Sharp Chuter provides periodic waste chute cleaning services to owners and managers of high-rise properties. Most chute cleanings are performed every 90 or 180 days.  The service is scheduled in advance with the on-site managers to avoid any inconvenience for employees or tenants. We can also do one time cleanings and schedule them as you feel they are needed. The specific services included in chute cleanings are:


• Power-wash all chutes

• Power-wash all trash discharge rooms

• Deodorize and disinfect the trash chutes

• Deodorize all waste containers

• Clean, oil, adjust and (if necessary) repair all chute doors


Sharp Chuter also provides other site cleaning services for all your waste handling areas; concrete pads, trash enclosures and trash compactors.
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Our cleaning equipment 
Before & After

Photos are from an actual chute cleaning in an 11 story building.



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Why choose us?


We use high pressure system to strip all the sludge off of the chute walls. We don’t have to bring heavy messy equipment into your building. There are no tanks of water carted around the hallways like the competition use. We do it a whole different way. We guarantee*** all our equipment stays on the ground floor inside the trash room or roof of the building. The only thing that enters the upper floors is us.
*** Must allow access to roof and a water tap on roof of building. Otherwise the equipment will need to enter the lower floors by means of a small 2'x4' mobile cart that stays clean and dry the whole time.
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